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Home of Vans' custom made quilted bingo bags.

In 1994 we thought it was time Bingo Bags had some class! These are quilted with wide straps designed to be easy to carry, contain multiple pockets and are heavy duty constructed. Hand selected fabrics promote the elegance and craftsmanship in these exceptionally made bags.
High quality custom Bingo Bags.
These are the Original Vans' Bingo Bags all hand made in the U.S.of A.

A family owned and operated business providing lawn care and property maintenance primarily in Fairfax, Georgia, Milton,Westford,and Saint Albans, Vermont. We provide free estimates, a flexible work and payment schedule to help you with your lawn care and property needs. End of season camp cleanup and continual season care.

Vermont based company that provides;internet services,web site hosting, design, development,usage and security. Providing environmental and management consulting services since 1986. Locally providing lawn care and maintenance services,in northwestern Vermont. You will also find links to other products and services here.

Property For Sale By Owner

157.37 Acres 5 Deeded Parcels Malone/Belmont, New York

8 miles south of Malone east side of Salmon River across from Titus Mountain.
Prime hunting on private posted land abounding with deer, partridge, fox,turkey, and rabbit.
Scenically built cabin atop a high point stone with adjacent running brook easily accessible on private gated road.

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